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so what are the benefits of sports massage, acupuncture or therapy?

v Improve your wellbeing and self awareness relieving stress & tension

v Prevention of & early detection of possible injury

v Relieve muscle pain, spasms & corrects muscle imbalance

v Improves blood flow and circulation

v Deactivation of trigger points

v Breakdown of scar tissue & adhesions

v Improved Range of Movement & flexibility

v Rehabilitation of injured muscles & aids recovery

v Forms part of a training regime to optimise performance

Sports & Remedial Massage, medical acupuncture and Sports Therapy have many potential benefits. Primary the aims are to restore full functionality to muscles and other soft tissues. This can simply mean easing the tension that has built up in your shoulders over long hours in the office or restoring maximum performance to an overtrained muscle-group of an athlete.

Treatments are varied and sophisticated to help treat soft tissue injuries, maintain a healthy body and prevent injury. As the client, you can always tell the therapist if a manipulation causes you too much discomfort. The purpose of a Sports & Remedial Massage is to restore the full potential of your muscular system, to help relieve problems and to prevent injury. It also temporarily improves circulation and lymphatic flow, which brings more general health benefits. Some techniques involve slightly uncomfortable pressure on muscle tissue.

Sports & Remedial Massage has a calming effect, but it is not primarily a relaxing massage. You will find, however, that its effects can often be more lasting than with other types of massage.

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