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suffered an injury?

The RICE Method - Help for muscles, tendons and ligament injuries.

Severe injuries should been seen immediately by a medical practitoner, go to A&E or contact NHS Direct.

The RICE tips (Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation) support the healing process of muscle injuries. All injuries should be seen by a medical practitioner, so if you are not 100% sure that it only is a minor muscle injury, you must consult one as soon as possible.

When you injure a muscle, you should rest it immediately! Don’t move it, don’t put weight on it. This enables it to heal and you avoid further damage. Stop what you were doing and apply the 4 following tips.

Ice or any other cold medium will reduce swelling and bleeding. Use a wet cloth to protect the skin from direct contact with the ice.
Do not apply ice for too long, as the body will try to “rescue” the area by sending a lot of blood to it. This will increase swelling and bleeding, thus destryoing the good effects of the ice. The skin should look pale when the ice is taken off - if it is red, it has been over-iced.

Compression will also restrict the bleeding, but be careful to concentrate the pressure on the injured area - you don’t want to cut off the blood supply to the rest of the limb. A firm pad can be placed on the area of the injury and be held in place with strapping.

When you injure a muscle in an arm or leg, elevating it above the level of the torso for as long as possible can do wonders for the healing process. Elevation lets gravity do the work of reducing the swelling.

If unsure what to do, please contact a medical practitoner, go to A&E or contact NHS Direct.

Massage is particularly effective roughly 2 days after the injury occurred.

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