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the body!

"I have been seeing Nick and Karen for about the last 5 or more years for a sports massage, once if not twice a week.
This has been a massive help as I play squash professionally so have many aches and pains after training and when I get back from tournaments. Its great to know I can see them for treatment and know that they are doing a great job in getting my body back in one piece ready for the next training session or tournament. Thanks Nick & Karen, I couldn't do it without you!"

Alison Waters (Squash Professional,

British National Champion 2014 | Double Commonwealth Gold & World No.4



"Highly recommended, after months of wishy washy physio my back, shoulders and neck feel 100 times better. I have exercises to do at home which are simple and effective"

AK - St Albans

'I was introduced to Nick 3-4 years ago to get a nasty calf tear sorted out. Also a compressed frozen shoulder. The results were excellent, better than ever before and now I use him as my body mechanic for all sorts of aches and pains. He has fixed my back, neck, shoulder. Aside from that his experience and chat around his work during the Olympics, football and all sports interest is great fun'

CR - St Albans

"Being a marathon runner, my legs always feel really tight. After any session I feel like I can run forever! The BEST sport massage i've ever had!!"

JS - St Albans

"I had been suffering for a back problem affecting my leg for many years which got so bad driving or sitting for even just 10mins was excruciatingly painful. I had seen lots of physios and osteopaths but nothing stopped the pain. Nicks treatment and guidance now allows me to be almost pain-free. I would highly recommend him."

DM - St Albans

"The improvement in my lower back and shoulders have been amazing. After months of useless Physio, injections and pills, Karen has cracked it and my recovery is fantastic. Thank you!!"

MS - Radlett

"I went to see Nick with lower back and knee problems. Nick worked on my quads and core stomach muscles. I thought how will this work?? But it did! I've gone from using a fare bit of ibuprofen to get by, to using none. Best of all, Nick gives you a raft of really useful stretches, so once home you can keep the good work going. Nick is very good at his job, and a really good bloke to boot!!"

R I (Soulfish) - St Albans

"Both my wife and myself have benefited from treatment we have recently received from Karen Silverstone, alleviating the back pain resulting from a car accident and reducing the severe discomfort of knee pathology. She is considerate and capable and we are most happy to recommend her to people needing help"

Dr B S - Southgate

"Just to say I had the best nights sleep in ages as a result of last night's treatment.. thanks for seeing me so promptly, cheers!"

MB - St Albans

"When Alison Waters, our national squash champ, first advised me to see Nick this January I expected little. Aged over 50 I thought I was just over the hill, that my aches and pains were the sad result of anno domini.

Nick attributed each of my multiple injuries to lack of stretching after playing squash. Now, after regular treatments I feel fifteen years younger and am enjoying my squash more than ever.

I even survived an almost 2 hour 'marathon match' in a middle aged men's intercounty event near Manchester mid October. Then the following weekend I bored my opponents (and others waiting to play) to death by playing for 4 hours (4 match total time) in a competition in Glasgow.

I cannot recommend Nick highly enough."

GK - New Barnet

"I am new to the area and was looking for a good sports massage and that is exactly what I got! What a great feeling. The massage was wonderful and great for my tired, overworked muscles. As a fitness instructor I really needed a deep tissue massage - I loved the time I spent with Karen - she was professional, caring and has the best hands - thanks for your help!"

KR - St Albans

"I would recommend Silverstone Sports & Remedial Massage to all my friends as the level of professionalisum is second to none. Advice offered is done in a friendly and caring way."

LH - Barnet

"I have had chronic pack pain for over 15 years, which I have just learned to live with. I have tried Chiropractic and Physio but it is not until I have had a series of treatments from both Nick and Karen that I have felt real relief! I genuinely feel so much better now!"

JK - Hatfield

"Before being treated by Nick I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for ten years.  I used to wake every morning in quite a lot of pain that took a few hours to subside.  Since being treated by Nick the pain has reduced dramatically and I am experiencing increasingly longer completely pain-free episodes.  I have previously tried osteopathy, reflexology and acupuncture to relieve my pain and nothing has been anywhere near as effective as Nick's Sports Massage."

NW - St Albans

"My job is sedentary and I suffered immensely with lower back problems.  I went to see Karen because my back seized up and was incredibly painful.  Karen managed to locate the problem and restored flexibility and mobility to my back over two to three sessions.  I no longer either suffer from the problem or the pain and feel much better.  I thoroughly recommend her."

AS - Elstree

"I was suffering from chronic lower back pain and had been under treatment by an osteopath for 6 weeks with no notable improvement. I was recommended to visit Nick Silverstone when at my first visit he suggested it could be improved within 3 sessions or so - I have to say I didn’t believe him! But sure enough 3 visits later the pain has gone and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick to anyone else with similar problems"

JM (CEO, Cable & Wireless) - St Albans

"I've had a few different massage-based treatments, but Karen is always welcome at my house! In the last couple of weeks, my back pain - caused by a long-term knee problem - has really improved. Definitely made an impact!"

GS - Potters Bar

“When I first went to see Karen I had been waking up every morning for over a month with a very painful Achilles.  Karen seemed to know instinctively what to do and after only one session, I was able to get up in the morning without the nagging pain and felt much more comfortable when I exercised.  I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

JN - Chesthunt

"I was extremely impressed by the thorough, careful and effective approach taken by Karen in treating my back. Great massage - highly recommended!"

SG - Mill Hil


"Best massage therapy in Herts with friendly and helpful advice on excercises to help me deal with my recovery. Thanks Karen and Nick!"

"I have been delighted with the service provided. I have always been made me feel very comfortable, taking me through the treatment step by step and best of all I am seeing an improvement in my neck and back!"

"I only attended one session - but it did the trick!"

"I receive regular massage and have been thoroughly impressed by the outstanding professional service."

"The treatment I received ensured that I could return to competition far sooner than I expected and their post-injury treatment has reduced my chance of future injuries!"

"Great value service from honest and knowledgable practictioners."

"Really great - got straight to the problem, and even found others I wasn't sure I had!! I'd been focusing on strecthing and working on only one area area, and they were able to sort me out by focusing on other related areas also."

"A thoroughly friendly and professional service which has yielded excellent results in terms of the recovery of my injury."

"Only one treatment as shoulder problem was sorted with some suggested exercises."

"I went in with a minor back problem, the cause of which was discovered and treated in a very professional and efficient manner. I have no problem in recommending SSARM."

Anonymous Responses (Client Survey, Septembr 2009)

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