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what are sports & remedial massage, kinesio taping, medical acupuncture and sports therapy?

At Silverstone Soft Tissue Therapy we offer a range of deep & soft tissue massages & therapies. 

Primarily we specialise in Sports and Remedial forms of massage techniques, Kinesio Taping, medical Acupuncture and sports Therapy.  So what can you expect from each of them and from a consultation?

Sports & Remdial Massage?
Sports Massage is a specialised form of deep tissue massage which focuses on enhancing athletic performance.  It utilises a range of techniques to improve and boost muscle performance, develop flexibility and increase range of movement.  This type of massage very much forms part of the training regime and helps to prevent injuries.   It is also essential in helping to repair and restore mobility after an injury, shortening any recovery time, accelerating healing. In addition, Sports Massage is used to prepare a sports person for their chosen sport whether it be; pre-, inter- or post- event treatment.

Our professional training has given us a detailed knowledge of the body’s anatomy & physiology necessary to assess and treat clients. Although its name suggests that it is exclusively for sports people, in fact these techniques can equally be adopted for injuries, aches and pains which occur through any occupational and recreational lifestyles.


Kinesio Taping?
Inspired by Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase, he developed a muscle treatment in 1979 that he named the Kinesio Taping Method. This taping method gently lifts the layer of skin and attached tissue covering a muscle so that blood and other body fluids can move more freely in and around that muscle.

Scientifically inconclusive, there is much anecdotal evidence that this treatment is effective and is now widely used throughout elite sport and more and more for rehabilitation and as well as a preventative treatment. é


Medical Acupuncture?
Medical Acupuncture (sometime referred to as dry needling) is a more limited form of Acupuncture that is useful for many muscle and joint problems targeting the release of trigger points. Beneficial when more 'deep' treatments are not appropriate, it is very effective. It is also considered one of the safest treatments available.

It does not involve the development of a Chinese Medical diagnosis and treatment is not guided by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). é


Sports Therapy?
As Sports Therapist’s we are able to help our clients with common muscular complaints such as back pain, mobility problems, postural problems and work related conditions enabling then to return to full functionality.   Injuries treated vary according to the sport or activity involved and can for work place injuries be used to treat, for instance; 'repetitive strain injury'. We are able to advice on prevention of injuries and can examine, assess and treat those that do occur, as well as helping with the rehabilitation process.

We are qualified, fully insured, trained in emergency first aid. é

Combination of Treatments
The nature of many injuries and dysfunction means that we actually end up using a combination of all the massage treatments depending on each specific client.

Techniques used?
We use a range of many techniques, including:-

v Stretching - Active, Resisted and Passive v Massage Strokes  - Effleurage, Petrissage and Tapotment
v STR – Soft Tissues Release v MET – Muscle Energy Technique v NNT  - Neuromuscular Therapy
v Trigger Point work
v PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation v Exercise Therapy
v Friction v Myofascial Release v Strain Counterstain
v Kinesio (Rock) Taping v Joint Assessment & Mobilisation v Postural Assessments
v Exercise Therapy v Ultrasound Therapy v Seated Chair massage
v Medical Acupuncture - suitable for muscloskelital & soft tissue issues é



What to expect from a consultation?
At your first consultation, we will take time to initially discuss your medical history, current condition and all other relevant factors pertaining to your injury and lifestyle.  We will attempt to assess, either by postal assessment or by palpation (touch) the extent and specific location of the injury and then, if appropriate, we will treat accordingly using a combination of the techniques above.  You may find other areas of the body will be taken into account during treatment due the natural compensation you make with your body when you have injured yourself or are in pain or discomfort.

We take great care to work to your comfort levels and pain threshold.  However, some discomfort might well be felt, which will alleviate after the treatment. During the session we will continually communicate to you what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve. We do advise clients it can take up to 48 hours for the full affects and benefits of sports and remedial massage to be felt with significant aching and perhaps tiredness being encountered. Activity/sport involving the muscle groups worked on should be avoided during this period.

It is also important that when clients come for a treatment that we are able to meet their expectations.  In many instances we are unable to resolve the dysfunction in one session and might well advise on a series of visits.   The effectiveness and recovery time; ‘injury management’ will be greatly improved by the client completing any stretching exercises and treatment plans at home, which would be based on our assessment of the underlying cause of your problem. é

Please view our ‘can I have a treatment’ page to make sure any Soft Tissue treatments are suitable for you.

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